Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Well, Jordan and I decided that we should go to the University of Utah hangout and be cool like the other kids. We had just gone to the temple so we were in our church clothes with all the U students that were drinking beer. We had to get a picture of the famous Pie Pizzaria. YMMM.

I was just looking through some of the photos and saw this one of Jordan... Isn't he adorable?


David y Amy said...

I love your pictures, especially your 60s pose. Why don't you wear your heair like that everyday? I miss you guys. Your pictures make me miss you even more.

David y Amy said...

I meant 80s:( Sorrry!

Cary said...

Where's my picture? Why haven't you posted my waffle pose? Where is it? haha. I was actually hoping you'd put in the "Here's Cary studying" movie. It's an exciting one!
Love ya!