Tuesday, 19 April 2011

And 4 months later...

So, I know alot of you don't think I blog anymore... but I'm back hopefully. Here is a rundown of the past few months. We've had alot of fun.
The most recent picture of Kenzie. She found some of my lipstick hahah!

This is for anyone who has seen Seinfeld :) She does a great pose ?

So, for Valentine's day Jordan got me tickets to the George Strait concert-- We had so much fun. It started at 7 and didn't finish until 11:30= We were so tired, but it was so much fun! And I will say, he puts on a fun show.

The concert also included Reba McEntire and LeeAnn Womack. It was so fun to watch Reba. I never had really liked her that much before, but after seeing her, I really like it now.

Us in our seats!

Jordan and Kenzie playing at the park. It was a pretty cold day, but it was so much fun to be outside!

All of a sudden, Kenzie disappeared. We found her with a book in the corner. She just wanted a little privacy to read a story :)

We ate some ice cream... well let say, Kenzie finished it off for us. She loves ice cream! That is probably her favorite food!

We went down to Moab for President's day. We drove to a tunnel and hiked through. Again it was pretty cold, but so much fun!

We also drove through Arches National Park. This is Kenzie and Jordan with Balanced rock.

We hiked up to Delicate Arch. It was super super windy but so fun. Jordan carried Mckenzie in our little carrier and we hiked up the trail. It is so amazing!

We stopped to rest and someone took our picture!

Jordan and Kenzie at the Visitor's center.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully I can keep on top of this :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy Birthday & Catch up

First of All HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRANDPA!!!! We sure love you and hope you have a wonderful day!
Another shot just in case!!! Love you Dad!

So Kenzie got a chalkboard/whiteboard for Christmas! She was so excited to draw Rapunzel! Thanks Bumpa and Nana. Here is just a picture of how fun the chalk is... we have started using an apron so its not so messy!

Kenzie just showing off her cute babies and giving a big Cheese! THis is the first time I think I have had her hair down... ahh so cute!

First time on Santa's Lap! She was so excited because he gave her a candy cane!

Our trip up to Temple Square. We had such a fun time seeing the lights.

The temple all lit up- just a cool picture.

Ok so I was having fun--- it was just really pretty!

KEnzie and Daddy! Kenzie loves loves loves her Thomas pajamas! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Before it got too cold, we went out to the Provo Airport and showed Kenzie all the airplanes. She had so much fun and wanted to fly in them. We told her she had to wait until she was bigger... who knows maybe she'll want to get her pilots license like her Daddy?

Bringing back memories!

So does this picture look like anyone from the past????????? I think I have the exact same picture from when I was this age! Enjoy!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We had a great Halloween! We had so much fun with Kenzie this year! She was so excited to go knock on doors and say "trick or treat". She just couldn't believe that everyone was giving away M&Ms!!
Here are our pumpkins! Kenzie really didn't like the inside... she said "get that googiliegook out! I don't like the googiliegook!" Haha we had fun!
We lit her pumpkin and she was super excited!
She was a ladybug this year! Because it was raining outside we had to bundle up! As you can she, she got some candy before we even went out!

A full length of the cute little bug! Thanks mom for the shoes! She loved being a ladybug and was excited to dress up!

She was so happy that I put makeup on her! Haha she thought it was funny!

Jordan and Kenzie getting ready to brave the storm for the M&M's! We had a great time! I can only imagine it will get funner from here!!! Happy Halloweenie!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

October Snow!

We got snow last night and when we woke up this morning we were so excited! Kenzie kept asking if she could go outside, so I told her after she was all bundled up we could go. Well she went and told Jordan, "Daddy, when I'm all bumble bee up, I can go outside" haha. She was excited! So we got her all bumble bee up and here she is.
A snow suit even! She kept wanting the snow off her boots---
We built her first snowman- so cute! She was excited for the rocks!

We even found sticks for arms!
She went to give it a hug-- well maybe I'm not the best snowman maker. Anyway it toppled over! She was so sad so we rebuilt it.

Then we made snow angels!

Then we came inside where it was nice and warma nd drank "ice cream cocoa" haha. We read a book about snowmen and how they drink "ice cold cocoa" and she has wanted Ice cream cocoa ever since. So we make hot chocolate to end our extravaganza! Toodles from snowland

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Latest Happenings

I'm so sorry about the not posting for an entire month thing... yikes. Its all good now you can see in a nutshell what we have been up to.
We went camping in August. It was Mckenzie's first time and she had SOOOO much fun! Here she is helping daddy make a fire!
She has recently learned to jump on a trampoline-- and I have a hard time getting her off of one. We didn't have anyone living in the house next to us for 3 or 4 months and so we discovered the old owners left a trampoline. We would sneak over and jump jump jump. She is only making that face because I told her she had to stop jumping while I took the picture. But her hair is priceless!

It got quiet for a minute and then out came Kenzie with the roll of toilet paper from my bathroom. Luckily it didn't break (YEAH for CHarmin ultra strong). SHe was so proud of herself and she said, "Mommy look, I got the toilet paper!"

Well I decided to run a 5k race in Lindon the first part of August. This was after the race and Kenzie wanted to wear my number. She was running all around and just so excited! As you can see by the picture she was proud to be # 19 hehe!

I actually placed 2nd in my age group and set a personal record. I was happy!

So have I mentioned Kenzie LOVES LOVES LOVES chocolate? Well she got a hold of a cookie and I told her she could have it if I could have big smiles for the camera! Worked like a charm!

Kenzie and I go to the park a couple of times a week so she can swing! She loves the swings! Every time we go she says, "underdogs mom!" She is such a funny kiddo!

In the mornings, I let her watch an episode of Pooh and Tigger! Here is her chillin in her "Rella" chair (Cinderella)

So my friend gave me these shoes because her daughter grew out of them before she even got to wear them. Well, after 10 minutes of pulling and pushing, we got them on Kenzie's feet and decided it would be the only time for her to wear them. We had to take a picture!

One of my most favorite pictures! A kid in a candy store, need I say more!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Lots and Lots of Pictures!!!!

Lots of pictures to post. Lots of fun times! Hope you all enjoy!Cary and I ran the 5k in Manassa! We had a great time! Way to go us!
Kenzie's first carni ride! She had so much fun on the horsey!

A great family picture!! It was fun to see everyone!
We have to have a goofy one in here somewhere!

Ok, so we have to have 2 goofy ones! How fun!
Dad and the kiddos!

Kenzie in her pool! She loves that thing!

Cute in her swimming suit!

A family photo!

We took Kenzie Camping for the first time! Here is Jordan building a fire!

Kenzie is a big helper!

US in the mountains.

The campground had a park and Kenz just loved the swings and the slide!

This was in our back yard the other morning! How neeeet!!

I look at this picture and I see me 24 years ago!!! AHAHAh poor girl!

Helping mommy make cookies!

JOrdan was gone one night so Kenzie and I had a girls night out. We built a fort and ate Mac n Cheese and grape Koolaid. She didn't know life could get better than sweets and cheese!!!