Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Every blog needs Jeep pictures

Well I figured what would a blog about Lori and Jordan be without pictures of us jeeping. So here are some pictures of Lori when we went Jeeping a couple of months ago in American Fork Canyon.

I noticed that Lori had put up a goofy picture of me so I had to fight back. I already know that this is going to start a vicious war, but oh well.


Clint Johnson said...

Yep, it wouldn't be Lori and Jordan if there weren't a Jeep somewhere close-by. Looks fun!

Cary said...

Ah, the war of the funny pictures...It seems that Lori has an abundance of them, so at least you have a lot to choose from!

Steven, Candace, and Colton said...

Great pic's you guys. Sorry JordAn for the disrespect. Hopefully you will forgive us!
Steven, Candace, and Colton

Steven, Candace, and Colton said...

Mmmmmm. Cheese. Me Love cheese. We can't wait to come either. It will be so fun! :)