Wednesday, 9 January 2008


We spent a few days in Sanford--- not long enough but we had a good time. Thanks for letting us come!
I think the flash was too bright! Papa ended up squinting!

This was to celebrate Mom and Dad's birthday. Don't they look happy!

Since the apple pie was piping hot it melted the candles from the bottom up. Mom and Dad ended up having to hold them to blow them out. It was fun.

Who would have thought a Johnson would like malt-o-meal? Just kidding but this kid really liked it! It even got to wear it for awhile.

This was on the Cochetoe?????? (spelling) We had to weave through a couple of busses and a semi. This bus was stuck clear down in the bar pit. It looked like it was going to take awhile to get it out. I'm glad we left when we did. This was at Blue Mesa. IT was just standing there right by the road. SO while Jordan took the picture, I drove slowly by from the passenger seat!
Colton wanted to blow out candles too. His little mouth is adorable when he blows!!!


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Home on the Range said...

Thanks so much for coming! We had so much fun! Just wondering Jordan....did you shave....? HEEE! Hope all is well with the Farr out Family! Love to all!

Lori said...

We don't know who this is,,, how strange!