Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well, we finally have our toilet back. Neither one of us had time this morning to plunge and work on the toilet this morning, so we left the fan on and went to school... Yikes I know, but it had to be done, it wasn't budging. So when I came home with a new fancy plunger after school (this plunger is wicked awesome!! It is a plunger that uses 4 CO2 cartridges to blow everything out of the way) I listened, and couldn't hear the fan. So I went back to the bathroom, and found a nice clean toilet sitting there! Jordan's Grandpa had come down to get some things and noticed the fan was on and took a little peek-- he had no problem plunging it out. We were really grateful, but we felt bad he had to even go in there. Needless to say, we are going to take him some nice brownies or something. It was a good suprise. And also just so you know, Jordan's grandpa said that it isn't just us... its the toilet in our house. He said that other people have had bad problems with it too. Good thing, I was starting to worry something was wrong with me!

Congratulations to KJ and Jessica. We are so happy for you! We love you all!


Jordan said...

Lori, don't be so convinced that there isn't something wrong with your view of how often someone should go to the bathroom.

Kj and Jessica said...

I am not sure we enjoyed reading about your toilet, but we laughed and said...that's Lori and Jordan for ya. Can't wait to see you this weekend...be prepared to not sleep. This might be good birth control one way or the other.