Tuesday, 14 October 2008

So... ITs been awhile

So we know it's been awhile... we just thought we would update you on our lives. We are getting things ready for Baby to get here... only 5 1/2 more weeks. Time sure does fly.We currently have the items in the rocker here, a crib, a stroller, some receiving blankets, and some outfits... we are working on the rest. We will get it soon, everything in time :)
Jordan's mom made us a blanket. It has ladybugs on it... very cute!
We got this outfit from Jordan's mom as well. She just couldn't pass it up when she saw it had a ladybug on it!
This we have had for awhile. She wouldn't be Jordan's daughter without something from Moab! It will come in nice and handy when it is a little chili!
I told Jordan we hadn't posted pictures of us for awhile, so here is him saying "Lori... just hurry and take a picture."
Here is one of me... as you can see I not only take random pictures with your cameras, I take them with mine as well.
I was trying to get a full length one so you could see that I have a tummy. Its getting bigger and it is getting really fun to bend over. Sometimes I have to pick things up with my toes... oh the joys!
Kinda scary I know, but just another fun one.
THis is our Spider-man bed. Hehehe We got cold and so we threw on another blanket. It just so happens it looks like a 10 year olds bedroom now :) How fun! To be young again. Jordan loves it because it is a motorcycle one... it reminds him of the good ole' days.
WE got this diaper in the mail. We like to look at it and see how tiny it is. Thats my hand... hmm she's going to have a small bum.

Thats all for now. We'll talk at ya later!

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David y Amy said...

You're such a dork! But I love you anyway! Wow, you actually posted something. What has it been, 2 1/2 months??? J/K You are so cute pregnant! I wish I could see you!