Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

I just wanted to post a few pictures of Jordan's Pre- Birthday celebration. We had a little party with some friends a family about a week ago because we weren't sure if we would be at the hospital for Jordan's Birthday. We had a really good time and Thank you to all who came. We wish everyone was closer so you all could have been there!
Here is Cary taking out the birthday candles. There was quite the flame on this year's cake... well he wanted cheese cake with white chocolate and raspberries... Yumm!!
So this was before everyone came over. I made Jordan wear a crown from the Dollar store (I love that Place). I took the picture and come to find out, Jordan's gum matched his crown.
Here is Jordan opening his little present. Of course it was wrapped so nice! Duck tape works wonders!

And last but not least... the Happy Birthday song! Jordan, hope you have a wonderful Day. Love ya!

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