Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Well--- After 4 coats of paint we are finally FINISHED!! Baby now has a room to come home to. We had a great time painting as you can tell Jordan found a hiding spot his own little fort.
Here we are getting all set up. The blue makes a nice border don't you think?
I just couldn't resist. Jordan was taping and it looked like it was really awkward for his arms to bend so I took a picture. I promise I did some of the work.

As you can tell by this picture I started working really hard :) I had to get the camera up to Jordan so he could take the picture.

After the first coat of paint! The gray is lovely! It just brings out the pink!

After the first coat of white to cover the pink... it still looked pink. She's the pink of Perfection made of skim milk and rice. She's not knock Kneed Nancy!!

But finally after 3 more coats... ITS WHITE! The gray is now red and the chair rail is black. I'm finished rhyming now, don't give me any flack.

Jordan gave it a good thumbs up... he liked it!

And the doorway... so pretty!
Now for the decorations! I put lady bug stickers... even though they look like little specks, they look really good.

And the crib!!! YEAH! I love the blanket too!!

See-- here they are.. SO CUTE!

A whole bunch of them! They just kept coming!

This is the end! After lots of work we are very happy with our new room!!! JOrdan said no more painting--- ever! But I think I'll get him to paint next year which is only a month away- I'll need something to do while he is working!


Home on the Range said...

The room turned out sooooo cute! Good job to both of you! The baby will love it!

David y Amy said...

I love it! What an original idea. I'm just waiting to see if she has red hair!! Love ya!

Rebecca said...

That looks like a lot of work...but it turned out so cute! Love the ladybug theme!!

Steven, Candace, and Colton said...

The room looks great you two. I bet you are glad to have that finished. Now if you just get her here.