Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Another week

We were getting ready for a walk. And... I cut my hair so I would quit putting it into a pony tail... so what do I do instead???? Pigtails... it wouldn't fit in a pony. Ponies or piggies its sometimes as close as I get to doing my hair. I do really like it though... it's a nice change!The sunset made the mountains so pretty! I just had to take a picture!
Another one..
Kenzie ready for the walk, it was so nice in the 50's and bright and sunny!

She just looked so cute in her new outfit. The jeans were from grandma & Grandpa Johnson, and the shirt from Grandma & Grandpa Farr... she is one lovedlittle girl.
A closeup of her cute hair flower. And of course her
A picture I meant to post last time. Just grandpa and his girl just waking up
This week has flown by. Here are some pictures of the week. Jordan is doing good with work. He has been keeping busy and so have we. Love ya all

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