Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Can you believe it?

Well, this picture is for Dad... you are already teaching her to stick out her tongue... what are we going to do? Mckenzie LOVES to stick out her tongue and imitate anyone who does it.

This week she got her 2 month old shots... she had pretty silver band-aids. She did so good. We were blessed as she didn't have a fever, she was just a little sad when it happened.

As you can see, we didn't have many smiles that night. But she's back to her old self again now.

I am not the only one who likes to take crazy pictures... Jordan got some with her as well.


Hello there!

Mckenzie was mesmerized by the flash while Jordan just likes to make another face!


Just Dad and his girl watching TV...

Tummy time again? You can tell by the pictures she's not exactly sure if she likes it or not.

Daddy giving his girl a hug.
What can I say... every girl needs shoes! These were actually given to us by Cary for our wedding. Who would have thought they would be the first shoes she actually wore!

A full length.. She was kinda shy when I took the picture

Mommy and her girl. We have lots of fun!

Just a happy girl. This is how she wakes up every morning!

Well, that's all folks!

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