Thursday, 12 March 2009

Week in review!

Another week has come and gone. We have been having lots of fun here as you can tell we play dress up quite often :)Chillin in my swing. I love my toys!
Getting dressed up to go to stake enrichment. I was so excited I slept through almost all of it!
I am goin huntin! We had a girls night out and ate yummy french fries and hamburgers hehe

Mommy and me playing.

I just couldn't sit still while mommy took my picture.

One little elephant went out to play out on a spiders web one day. She had such enormous fun, she called for another little elephant to come. One of our fun songs!

Giving mommy eskimo kisses.
We take a picture to send to Daddy almost every day.

Look at me, I'm sitting up!
A favorite pasttime... eating my hands.

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Janna said...

She's a cutie! Daddy's going to have a hard time keeping the boys away!!!