Wednesday, 22 April 2009

April 15th-- Just like Christmas!

Welkl Jordan is finally finished with his first tax season. He was able to finish up about 7 so we decided to celebrate. We ate at Carabba's and then came home and ate cake. I told Jordan that it felt just like Christmas... I got him back and it snowed all in one day! Mckenzie is sure happy to see her Daddy more! We are proud of all he does for our family!

Kenzie and I decorated this cake for Daddy- We had fun!
All the snow that dumped down on us!
Mckenzie & I having fun!
For Easter we got swimming suits. I finally put Mckenzies on her. This is like a towel dress.
And Kenz in her cute suit! How come babies look so good in a swimming suit. I won't post a picture of me in mine... I don't look as cute!
Inside the cake we made... it had 4 layers!

Jordan ready for bed... He has since recovered and has been able to sleep some.

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Janessa said...

She looks so cute in that swimming suit! Great idea, Daddy Daughter matching swimming suits. I think Jordan would look good in a bright pink and blue suit with flowers/bows.