Sunday, 14 June 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing

Well, another week has passed and it feels like time goes by so fast. We are all doing good here. We are so happy for Steven and Candace. Austyn is a little cutie! We are happy to have another little girl for Mckenzie to play with. Just a happy girl! She just laughs so much! But sometimes we get her laughing too hard and she gets the hiccups... its just too hard to stop.CHEEESE!!!!!!!! Showing off my ladybug outfit from Grandma.

I love my bouncer. You would not believe this girl. She is seriously a little frog. She gets jumping so much and has so much fun!

Our little family, happy as can be.
Lipstick???????? Hahah nope just prunes. I ate them once and Mommy can't make me eat them again :)
You put what on my head? I found these ears from Easter and put them on her. As you can see she wasn't too happy! But she was so cute with the little round face!
Trying to sit up on my own. This little girl has some abs of steel. It won't be long before we are going to have to get rid of everything from 4 feet and down. She will be into everything!

Playing with a paper towel roll. WE got her laughing so hard with this. Poor thing ended up with the hiccups... I just couldn't stop- she was so cute!

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