Monday, 13 July 2009

Summer Days in Colorado

Well sorry its been awhile, not as long as some people I know, not to mention any names, cough cough, but none the less. Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.Mckenzie loves to chew on here toys... so cute.
Getting ready for some yummy food

A daddy givin his girl a great big hug.
Two happy girls
Jessica and Mckenzie in their Red white and blue.
A fun afternoon at Manassa park. Thanks Steven and Candace for the yummy food and letting us come. Austyn is adorable.

Z Grill-Myster.

So here are two different views of make a funny face with me... Clint's and Megan's.

It was so fun to see everyone, Grandma, I'm so sorry to hear about your hip and pelvis. Hope you are feeling better soon. WE love you.

CHEESE!!! Jordan and Dad in the mountains.THere were so many mosquitoes in the mountains... we had to take a quick picture so none would bite us.

Kj and Holli-- so cute!

Grandma and a a little girl who likes to make cheerio smiles!

Holli give Kenzie a hug... Ok maybe thats not such a good idea :) sorry Holli, promise one day she'll want to give you hugs back.

We couldn't ever get them both to look at the camera at the same time. Oh well, still adorable. Thanks everyone for the good time. Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Janessa said...

I know that first comment is not talking about But I repented on Sunday.

Andrea and Preston said...

Yeah, we should totally hang out before we move! We move next month around the 26th! Your baby is getting big! =)