Friday, 18 September 2009

The latest-- well the last month!

Well, I am a slacker again and haven't posted in almost a month... but here are some highlights of the past little while. I was mad at myself... I didn't get any pictures when Mom and Dad came up here, we will have to take lots next time we see you!Kenzie doing a hands up, raise the roof it's Grandpa Farr's Birthday!

Just a cute picture of us! I think we are starting to look alike!

A happy girl just out of the bathtub! Help me Obi-wan-Kenze-nobi, you're my only hope :)

Another one, just not as happy.

So this is my fancy dish I made-- I had 30 minutes and 3 secret ingredients, (Mahi Mahi, Gouda cheese, and grapefruit) So I made coconut, grapefruit, and almond encrusted Mahi Mahi, served over a 4 cheese rice, bell pepper and grapefruit pieces... Not too shabby!

There is proof dinosaurs exist... heheh the longnecks are real!
Jordan driving the jeep up a steep mountain... I voted to take the picture, sometimes its too scary for me!

A little girl with an Attitude-- A great one that is!
Us hiking a waterfall in Moab

I am an activity day leader and we just had our Daddy Daughter activity. It was a Hawaiian Luau- we made these pineapple cakes (its just a cake decorated as a pineapple) but it took us a really long time to make so I had to take a picture to show my decorating skills.

Mommy & Kenzie! She was a star witht he sunglasses!

Ahhh! I'm so cool!

She is setting a new fashion statement! Everyone is going to want to start walking down the runway with binkies!
And one of my favorite. This is Kenz sleeping... on her tummy with her bum in the air! hehehe!So cute! Well thats all the adventures this week.

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