Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So we have been busy around here! But we have had lots of fun! It was good to see everyone in California. I took my camera to get some good pictures of all the cousins, but silly me forgot to get it out. If anyone has any good pictures, please post them or send them to me! Thanks!
What, you got a problem with puddin on the face?
Kenzies first time eating chocolate pudding. I will say she's a natural!!!

Eating pudding with aminal cacas is my favorite!

And OHHH BOY is it good!

ALL DONE!!! I told you and told you and so finally I got tired of it on my tray!

UH OHH. Sorry Mama

Tea parties with George!

Such a sweet girl.

Happy girl!

You're ticklin me!!!!!

I love you!!!!

Daddy's sockies!

Wearing Hop Hop's Tutu!
Well thats all for now! Hope you are all doing well! Love ya!

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Janna said...

Kenz is really cute! She sure is getting big!!!