Thursday, 29 April 2010

Life is good!

Well, it feels so good to have Jordan back in our lives a little more. He still keeps busy doing scouting, moving neighbors, yardwoork and projects from me, but at least he is able to be with us! Here are some pictures of the last week or so. Kenzie giving big cheesy grins!!!

WE babysat a neighbor boy. Kenzie whatcha thinkin?

Kenzie never has been one to give hugs, but then she added -ies to the end and she has been giving them out like CraZY!! Anything you add -ies to she loves to say! Rockies, shoesies, sockies, huggies, panties (pants), haha!

Kenzie & Mama right before bedtime! She was a happy girl that night!

My new boots!!!! I wanted to wear them to bed but mommy wouldn't let me!
Probably one of my all time favorite pictures! Just shows what a true joy she is to be around!

She finally has enough hair to put into pigtails!! I had to take a picture because she just looked so cute!

A shot from the back! Hope everyone is well!

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Mom & Dad said...

Oh my...what would we do without little children! Thanks for the post!