Sunday, 30 May 2010

A day in the life of a Farr

We have been traveling and haven't posted for awhile, but it has been so good to be back home... together. Jordan had a very fun time in Ecuador but is glad to be back with us. We had such a fun time at Mom and Dad's, so thanks for letting us stay. Here a few pictures of us lately.

We got some toys from a friend.. In it was Mr. Potato head- Kenzie and Jordan were trying out the parts on themselves!
Kenzie looks good with a mustache dont' you think?

Kenzie loves laying down on pillows and says " I Sleep" She loves to have someone lay down with her! I walked in and caught these two sleeping on the job!

Our cute little family!

Kenzie doing what she does best... making us smile!

One of my most favorite pictures! Kenzie was just so happy!

Getting all her friends around her- she was in heaven!

I let her pick her pj's! I thought it was so cute!


Parker and Jes said...

Such a happy little girl! I still can't get over how much she looks like you Lori!

Andrea and Preston said... cute! I love your little one, Lori! She is a doll...just like her mamma ;)...and getting so stinking big..didn't you just pop her