Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pictures of the week

Well I know I am picture happy, but sometimes she just keeps smiling and I can't stop! Here are a few pictures from this week. She is learning so fast! She loves to play with her little jungle gym! But she even loves to play on the floor!
I am so wide awake!
She is finally fitting into some of her clothes! This outfit makes her look alot older!

Ok I just had to put the big bow in her hair... she looks like she likes it! It matches her outfit too!
Happy Birthday Cary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a fun time. Just us girls! We watched a girlie movie and had chocolate cake yumm!

Here is Cary and Mckenzie blowing out the fake candles... I forgot to get some!

Ok so she's not always smiling when I take pictures. I just couldn't help it. She just looked too cute!

Baby feet are the sweetest!

I'm not sad but not happy either. I got stuck in a dress! It fits her pretty good! Hopefully she can actually wear it to church!


David y Amy said...

I love to look at baby pictures! She is growing so fast. The bow is cute too. If she will actually let you put it in her hair, then take advantage. She's already a fashion baby!:)

SheriJane said...

Lori-- she is just SO cute!! I'm getting a little more antsy every day!! Those fake candles look pretty fun too!

Janna said...

What a pretty little one!! Hope you are doing well!

Janessa said...

I love the pouty face...she is going to be a heartbreaker with that look!