Wednesday, 21 January 2009

So Much Fun!

We have been having so much fun with Mckenzie! She is really starting to have a personality! Everyone needs bunny pj's!
Most mornings Jordan wakes up to Mckenzie and I fast asleep! I guess he decided to take a picture!

Fast asleep on Mommy's shoulder.

She really likes her Daddy's shoulder a little more.

Hmm... We are wondering if she is going to become a little boxer. She really likes to cover her chin and punch at things! :)

Just a happy girl playing!

Tummy time! Not quite sure what momma is doing but I guess it's ok!

So, we got this bumbo chair from Jordan's aunt and uncle. I decided to put her in it to see what she would do. She just kinda sat there. She held herself up pretty good though. Our little girl is getting too big!
Since we all need bunny pj's, I had to take a picture of the little feet. They are just too cute! Thats all for this week! Stay tuned for next week pictures!!

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