Tuesday, 27 January 2009

THis week in pictures

Hellow everyone! Its that time again to post some pictures! Mckenzie is almost 2 months old. We can't wait to see everyone. We are still planning to bless her February 15th over President's Day weekend. Love you all
I love my toys!
I am staring at the light!!! It's so beautiful.

I play hard,,, and I sleep hard. Aren't I just precious!

Sometimes I make funny faces when I sleep! HEHE!

I'm getting so big sometimes Mommy lets me hold my own bottle!

I have a cute sweat suit!! How fun! I'm ready to exercise!

Mommy isn't the only one who likes to take funny face pictures. The many faces of Mckenzie!

Arrggghhh... Shiver me timbers & a fishy face?

Mommy is making a funny face-- I just think she's weird!

I can stick out my tongue!
Just a pretty normal one.
And a happy one!
Thats a good note to end on!

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Joe and/or Megs said...

Awesome you guys! I'm so exited for you! Your daughter's a cutie that's for sure. Talk to you soon Jordan!