Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Colorado and back!

Well, we decided it was time to go to Colorado to visit all those who hadn't seen Mckenzie yet. So Jordan's Mom, Mckenzie and I set off, not quite sure how Mckenzie would do on the long drive out there. Well, she did GREAT! We buckled her in and like a light she was out. It did take us a little longer to get there but not much. We were so happy she did so good! It is good to be back but we had such a fun time!Mckenzie laughing her head off with Grandma.
My cute duckie outfit! Megan gave this to her and it finally fits. She is so cute in it! Thanks Meg!
She has really taken a liking to this little brown teddy bear. It plays music and she likes to hug it. Hmmm... I wonder where she got her liking for stuffed animals?

Daddy was SOO SOO SOO happy to have us back home. He missed his girls!

My cute outfit for church! A new dress every week!
Grandma Farr and Grandma Christensen with Mckenzie. It was fun to see her again!

A 3 generation picture. Aren't we cute!

Twinkies!!!!!!!!!! Grandpa and Mckenzie dressed up in camo on the same day. THey sure were cute together!

Colton and Mckenzie. He is going to be such a SWEET big brother. He was so helpful and just loved to play with Mckenzie!
Papa and seeing his girl for the first time! We had so much fun!
In the car... Man I'm just so tired!
Church again! I just love this brown dress! The headband is so adorable!
Grandpa making Kenzie laugh

Mckenzie's new trick and playing with Grandma


David y Amy said...

AWWE! Such a cute baby! I really want to meet her. When do we get to see you?

Home on the Range said...

Thanks for coming! It was so fun to have you and Mckenzie home for a few days. Jordan we missed you!