Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy 1/3 birthday!

Well as of today our little girl is 4 months old. I can't believe how time flies!Mckenzie sporting a oat and hat. She looks like such a lady!
Man I look good-- I'm practicing my wink for the boys!
Our little family!
Jordan and I found this shirt and just had to get it. And the answer to the question...No... it actually makes it so I don't have an indent. Of course we know she didn't get her Momma's bum.
How about from this angle? Nope still no bum!

Daddy and Mckenzie after church. We went all out in the ladybugs today.
Mckenzie and 2 of her favorite toys... ladybugs.
Sometimes she doesn't like kisses...
unlike her Daddy!

Giving the ladybug a kiss.
A lady in our ward came over for lunch with her little boy. Both Mckenzie and Zayden fell asleep..oh how cute.

A newborn outfit that she can finally fit into. I think they misprinted the tags.

A big smile for the camera! I think I have a picture almost exactly like this somewhere.

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David y Amy said...

Love the pics. She is getting too cute. Want to meet us in St. George in two weeks?