Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's been a good day!

This week has been a good one. We've just kinda relaxed and done laundry. It seems like we just get one thing finished and another one pops up. We are so happy to be busy. We are having a wonderful time! Some pictures of the week!
Some tummy time. She's getting so good at it.
Ok mom... I'm tired. I'm done with being on my tummy. She still hasn't rolled over anymore. Hopefully soon.
We were taking some pictures and she wanted to grab the camera and eat it. It just looks so tasty!! I just wish mom would let me eat it!

Another picture?? Please...
Posing for the camera. Ta DAHHHHH!!!

A picture of the little dress that Jordan brought back from Ecuador. The lady said it would fit a baby up to 1 year old... hmmm It was more like a shirt, but it was sure cute!!

I love my toes so much! THey are so fun to play with!

A big CHEESE grin for the camera! Hope everyone is doing well. We love you all!


Kj and Jessica said...

I love the little dress. It's summer, it'll work!

Andrea and Preston said...

Hey Lori, those are some super cute pictures of your little girl! She's already getting so big and looks more like you the older she gets!