Thursday, 21 May 2009

Our adventures of the week

Welcome back my weekly readers! SO our week has been a good one. We've done more laundry this week than we have in a long time... between blowouts and spit ups on both Mckenzie and me (by the way I didn't have a blowout... that was just Mckenzie) we had laundry galore. I finally finished getting it all folded this morning. I started washing on Monday AHHHH! Jordan is doing well and still enjoying his job. He has had some lovely allergies this week, so we definitely know it is spring time. Yeah!!!I really wanted to take a picture of this outfit and I didn't all day until around 5:30. I had the feeling I should probably do it then or I wouldn't get a picture... its a good thing I did because 5 minutes later it was poop city! I love her finger in her mouth. It looks cute!

Every week I have lunch with a lady from our ward. She had a little boy about 6 weeks after Mckenzie so they play while we talk and eat. It looks like Mckenzie is going to eat him! YMMMM.

Jed and Porter came over to play while Megan got a massage. WE made glasses out of Mckenzie's toys. How fun!!! ANd here we all are. Aren't we cute!
So this is the night of the spit ups. Poor thing she wasn't feeling good and spit up 5 times. WE would change her jammies and boom spit up. Well these were some of her last pj's that were clean and we put them on her and found out she couldn't even straighten her legs... we laughed so hard. Poor girl had to just sit there while Mom and Dad got their tired giggles out and take a picture.
YEAH!!!! I finally got them in my mouth! She's been trying really hard and it finally worked!

We were trying to make the same faces as Mckenzie. As you can tell we didn't do too bad!

Well except for this one. I look like I have a gigantor tongue. She was supposed to make a funny face.
SHe made up for it in this picture! Isn't she cute. Julie from Jordan's work gave her this really cute outfit. Thanks!!!
I was just finished eating my squash and had it all over... they just had to take a picture!!! haha. Well thats all for the week. Love ya all


Curtis and Candace said...

Hey Lori I hope you don't mind I got your post from Sheri's blog. Your little girl is so cute!!! Take care
Candace Schneider

Kj and Jessica said...

Looks like you just have too much fun!

Emily said...

What a pretty little girl! You two make cute babies :)