Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Hey Boo Boo is that a picnic basket I see? Yep we did it, we took off and went to Yellowstone. We had such a great time. Mckenzie did really well, but she was ready to come home!On our way there we stopped at Mesa Falls. They were so pretty!
Mckenzie slept the whole time so we really didn't get a good picture with her, but we got some good ones with the stroller.
Jordan with Old Faithful. This was his first time to Yellowstone, I think he really enjoyed it!

So we ate pretzels the whole way. Jordan the walrus loves pretzels! :)
This was in the Grand T?etons at Lake Jenny.
So this was Mckenzie right after she woke up. She is such a happy girl!

The beginning of our trip. She didn't mind the carseat then, but by the end she was ready to be out of there!

At one of the hot pots. This is our stinky faces. It smelled like rotten eggs.
One of the bison marked his territory.

This elk was right by my car door. I could have reached out with a stick and touched him. You can even see the velvet on the antlers.
At the petrified tree. Of course you can't see the tree but it's there :)
We got really lucky and saw a black bear about 100 feet away. The ranger there made us stand behind the car or in the car because he was so close. We saw a grizzley but it was really far away. We uses a spotting scope.

Just having fun while we looked at the bear. I have all the teddy bears I want at home, why do I need to see this one.
So the hotel room we stayed in was super duper small. Enough room for a queen bed and her pack n play. There was just a tiny shower and no bathtub. So guess what Kenzie had a bath in... thats right, the cooler. The place was so cute and clean, just not very big.
We saw a bald eagle in its nest.
Our picnic lunches were so fun. We ate lots of sandwiches so we didn't have to drive back to the hotel.

Our hotel room. I was standing in the other corner. Like I said cute but small.
Some of the geysers going off and steam from the hot pots.
One of the springs, The water was so clear and beautiful!
A classic picture. Whats funny is we took it as we left yellowstone... hmm kinda backwards eh?
As we were driving through. It is so pretty there.
I took this from the back seat of the car out the front window. I was afraid you could see all the squished bugs but it turned out pretty good!
Our other hotel room was twice the size- oh it felt good to have some room! Well thats all folks.

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