Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fall is here

Welcome back to our blog! I can't believe how fast time goes! It is already fall and there is snow in the mountains here which means winter is on its way! Since its fall, it means football! We've been able to watch BYU a couple of times... This is the only thing Mckenzie will actually sit next to us and watch! She will just cuddle up and enjoy. Everything else she likes to get down and play. Silly girl!
So tired! Everyone getting ready for bed... even George.
Mckenzie and I after a run! It started getting cold so we haven't been able to go for awhile.

We went up the canyon for a hamburger fry. Mckenzie and Jordan playing in the grass.

We had lots of fun with our little pumpkin.
Our little family.
Daddy and his girl, I think they look a little bit alike! I think they were watching football again!

Mckenzie loves being chased... you just say I'm gonna get you and she will take off like lightning. She makes this smile and giggles. I wonder where she learned that?

Mckenzie's new hobby... I love to pull all the wipes out of the box. They just keep coming and I can't stop!
You can't really see it, but if you look close at her shoes she is wearing high heels. She has a build a bear that has high heels so I decided to put them on Kenze... she thought they were so funny!
Our little Mozart. She loves to play the piano and will take any chance she can get to listen to music.
Our little fire chief. She got this on an outing with a couple of ladies in our ward. She was so proud of it!
Where's Mckenzie? Oh there she is= behind all the toys.

We went up the canyon again, only this time it was a little colder. We bundled up and were nice and toasty for the walk. It feels so good to be outside even though its cold.
Pretty waterfalls
Happy girl!

So warm- Well thats all folks. Hope everyone is doing well!


Janessa said...

I love that she will watch BYU football. That's my girl!

Janna said...

She is getting so big. Little cutie! Hope you guys are doing well!

Parker and Jes said...

She is so cute dressed up in her winter stuff. And she is always smiling!