Thursday, 22 October 2009

Fall is our Favorite!

We have had some beautiful days this past week or so. We have been able to go outside and take pictures with the leaves! It is just gorgeous!
Kenzie playing in the grass. We had so much fun!
One of my favorite! She just poses!
He little personality showing through! I just like to play!

Where are the angels mama?

Here ya go! I love handing things to mom & dad!
Something to ruin our little journey outside... If you look close you can see our little friend.

I love to play with this little basketball1 It makes me so happy!
Another day outside with the leaves! It was a little colder so we bundled up.. Mommy what are you doin?
Our burning bush looks really cool with the green grass behind it.

I like to play with pumpkins!

Just holding the pumpkin for mommy! Hope you are all doing well. Sorry to hear about the snow in the valley! We'll catch up soon I'm sure!

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Christen said...

I think I am pretty convinced that you have the cutest daughter ever! I love the pics in the leaves, so cute!