Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New year!

Happy New Year!-- We are happy to be back into the swing of things again. It is definitely fun to travel, but it is good to be home! Here are some pictures of the last few weeks!
Kenz just being cute and giving me a diaper!

Her tights that she wears with this dress have bear on the bum! They're called "bear bottom tights" little did I know that they really had a bear on them! So cute!

So, Jordan and I decided to make a Gingerbread house... They are usually expensive during the Christmas season, so we decided to make one later when they were on clearance :) Notice in the bottom right corner of the house, it isn't supposed to be an egg... our snowman had an accident!

Us pretending to eat our house!

Jordan liking the Santa I drew on the back.

So these next pictures are out of order. This one was after Kenz played in the snow for the first time. IT felt so good for her to be in warm dry clothes again.

She sat in the snow... need I say more.
Kenz just loving being outside!

Her in her new coat! She looks so cute!

When we met Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in Moab, Kenz fell asleep and was making a cute face.

This is what happens when I chase her around the couch! She gets so happy and excited! Probably one of my favorites!

A sweet girl ready for Church!

More of her out in the snow.


David y Amy said...

Super cute Kenzi! She is at such a fun age! Can't wait to see her--and you of course!

Janna said...

What a cutie that Kenzi is :) I love her bear bum tights, so cute!