Monday, 8 February 2010

So sorry about not posting. I found out that I love to read and scrapbook. I never thought I would say I like to read...Sometimes I put Mckenzie down for a nap and thats all I get done... I have read more books in the past year than I have my entire life (combined) But I decided I should take a break and post some of the latest pictures! Kenzie has found her shadow. She was playing with it this morning. She would give it a "high 5" sing, dance and her shadow copied her. She has found a new friend!
So this was one morning when she was extremely happy. She gave a big CHEESE so I had to take a picture... you'll have to excuse me I know I look gorgeous!

So she wanted her shoes on and they wouldn't fit over her pj's so I took them off and let her run around like this for awhile. She was having so much fun! Look at those legs (so cute!)

She also has learned in the past little while how to open up a baggie and dump the contents on the floor. What a smart girl we have!

My love of taking pictures is moving on to my daughter. We had a photo shoot the other day and these were the results!

Grandpa, this one is for you! Love ya

OHHHH! See told ya! She loves to make faces at the camera too!

But we did have to have one really good one!

The other day before church we were feeding her. She had already had a bath and all we had to do was put her dress on. It was 15 min before church and I walked back in from getting ready and found this. Hmmm... I think they should start using pears as gel. It makes hair stay frozen!

Grandpa was having fun with Kenz... 2 binkies... She is in HEAVEN!

Cary came over while Jordan was on a campout the other night. She was getting ready to go home when we looked outside and decided she needed to spend the night with us. We had a blast! Thanks Cary!

SLEEPOVER! We had treats and stayed up late and ate popcorn, watched a chick flick (or two) went to bed... and got up really early!!! Kenzie wasn't tired after 6 :)

Kenzie where is your nose?
Well thats all for now! Toodles!


Rebecca said...

How funny that she was playing with her shadow! She is such a cutie! I'll have to keep the pears in mind for styling hair! If you're looking for another extremely stiff hair gel, yogurt can be used...we know from experience;)

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