Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rodeo, Mars, Holli, & Yellow Boots

Well, I was looking through our pictures and realized we haven't posted some fun things we've done this summer. So Here they are!

This is us at the Strawberry Day's Rodeo! Kenzie liked the rodeo except when the kids fell off during the mutton bustin.
Here she is polishing off her strawberries and cream.. YUMMM
Kenzie in her cute sunglasses!

We went to the space museum in Salt lake and walked on Mars and the moon... lucky girl!

Us floating away on mars.

Jordan and Kenzie on the moon.

Kenzie picking up a mars rock.... Stinking pants won't stay up :)

Holli and Kenzie had so much fun together! Here they are in their matching outfits! So cute!

Happy as can be!

Kenzie's new love is her yellow boots... I have a hard time getting them away from her. She dressed herself in this picture! So cute!

ANd there they are AGAIN! SHe loves these boots!


Janessa said...

I love the face she makes in pictures. I can just see her squeezing her eyes shut and saying "Cheese." So cute!

Christen said...

Two words of advice... Suspenders or Overalls. Wore them all the time growing up. They really do help!