Friday, 6 August 2010

Lots and Lots of Pictures!!!!

Lots of pictures to post. Lots of fun times! Hope you all enjoy!Cary and I ran the 5k in Manassa! We had a great time! Way to go us!
Kenzie's first carni ride! She had so much fun on the horsey!

A great family picture!! It was fun to see everyone!
We have to have a goofy one in here somewhere!

Ok, so we have to have 2 goofy ones! How fun!
Dad and the kiddos!

Kenzie in her pool! She loves that thing!

Cute in her swimming suit!

A family photo!

We took Kenzie Camping for the first time! Here is Jordan building a fire!

Kenzie is a big helper!

US in the mountains.

The campground had a park and Kenz just loved the swings and the slide!

This was in our back yard the other morning! How neeeet!!

I look at this picture and I see me 24 years ago!!! AHAHAh poor girl!

Helping mommy make cookies!

JOrdan was gone one night so Kenzie and I had a girls night out. We built a fort and ate Mac n Cheese and grape Koolaid. She didn't know life could get better than sweets and cheese!!!

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