Wednesday, 27 October 2010

October Snow!

We got snow last night and when we woke up this morning we were so excited! Kenzie kept asking if she could go outside, so I told her after she was all bundled up we could go. Well she went and told Jordan, "Daddy, when I'm all bumble bee up, I can go outside" haha. She was excited! So we got her all bumble bee up and here she is.
A snow suit even! She kept wanting the snow off her boots---
We built her first snowman- so cute! She was excited for the rocks!

We even found sticks for arms!
She went to give it a hug-- well maybe I'm not the best snowman maker. Anyway it toppled over! She was so sad so we rebuilt it.

Then we made snow angels!

Then we came inside where it was nice and warma nd drank "ice cream cocoa" haha. We read a book about snowmen and how they drink "ice cold cocoa" and she has wanted Ice cream cocoa ever since. So we make hot chocolate to end our extravaganza! Toodles from snowland

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SheriJane said...

that is cute! you two have so much fun together! i've just been drawing pictures of snowmen for brecklyn..... no snow here to do it yet!