Wednesday, 4 March 2009

3 months old!

We are officially 3 months old... time goes by so fast! Here are a couple of pictures of the week. I think I take too many pictures, but with a face like that how could I not? hehehe!A new hat! I can fit in my 3 month clothes now-- YEAH new CLOTHES!
New clothes have to come with new shoes... Christen got these baby Converse for her for Christmas, THANKS!
Another one in a cute hat.
Just chilin in my swing... Hey take my picture!
Another new outfit, he he he I look like I'm dancing a little jig :)

She fel asleep cuddled up to me, and I was extremely happy. It was so fun!

Just getting home from church. We are getting used to having a baby at church... sometimes she likes to scream during the prayer.

A cute little innocent face, but really don't let it fool you, I think she is plotting how to play tricks on her parents!


Cary said...

How did she get so cute! She's cuter and cuter!

Home on the Range said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie. She is a lucky little girl to have so many people love her!

Rebecca said...

I love all of the pictures you post of her! She is SOOOOOOO cute! And I'm loving that hat!:)